Family Feedback

We would just like to introduce ourselves, having attended family days; we would also like to say how much input these days has helped us as newcomers. We were nervous but got a completely different insight to TRU. Sharon Murphy

I have been a few times; we feel it would benefit newcomers and make them feel less anxious. Our daughter has thrived and we feel like we have met an extended family. Michael Murphy

The family weekends are informative and friendly and you don’t feel like you are on your own on the journey. The staff and family members meet and share together.

Elaine McCullough

Although our son has only been at TRU for 5 days, I found the family weekend helpful meeting other families whose loved ones are thriving at different units. It’s nice to be able to share any problems with others who are going through the same thing Mandy Griffiths

The family weekends have been really informative and productive. They’ve really made us feel part of my sister’s programme. We have been able to personally thank Theresa team for their hard work. We have also had the opportunity to raise concerns and let them know what we think would work with my sister and our contributions have always been taken seriously and acted upon. The most beneficial part has been meeting other families at different stages of the journey and getting reassurance that you aren’t alone. They are very informative but also informal and friendly. Sarah Griffiths

I attended my first family weekend at TRU on 27 th February 2016. It was nice to meet other families and be able to discuss and share with them their experiences and find out more information and help that TRU are able to offer. My son moved to TRU in June 2015. He is very happy and speaks very well about the staff. I feel that he is safe and I am able to get on with every day life knowing he is getting the care and attention that he needs. It would be lovely to see more families at the family weekends, they would definitely benefit from attending. I am able to get the support we both need from TRU I feel that they are now part of our family. Beverley Watson